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Other Publications

Manpower Vol.1 1982

HPV Times Vols.1-4

Laid·Back Magazine 1&2

HUFF Magazines

Jan/Feb 2002 - Volume 05, Issue 01 (PDF - colour 609kB, click on image)

       From the Editor
       New OzHPV Secretary
       Greenspeed OzHpv Challenge 2001
       Review - LoGo Trike
       LoGo motion - Motor assisted LoGo trike
       Adelaide Ride Report
       HPV Canterbury
       3 Wheels, 2 Continents, I people
       Tri-Sled's Back to Back Tandem
                                          Around Australia - Recumbent Style
                                          XR2 in the Australian WSC Challenge 2001
                                          For Sale
                                          Demise of the RAVEN HPA Project
                                          Dungog PedalFest
                                          Trikes CD


Mar/Apr 2002 - Volume 05, Issue 02 (PDF - colour 505kB, click on image)

       From the Editor
       OzHPV Public Liability Insurance
       The development of a race trike!
       Bents can't climb hills. Yea right!!
       Industry News
       Free Speed!
       HPV Canterbury
       Track racing Poster
       Albury/Wodonga recumbent ride
                                          Border Loop
                                          OzHPV Finances
                                          New Tri-sled Coupling
                                          Canberra Events
                                          Coming Events


May/Jun 2002 - Volume 05, Issue 03 (PDF - colour 327kB, click on image)

       From the Editor
       Au Revoir
       Canterbury HPV club
       28th Annual International Human Powered Speed Championships
       Greenspeed Tailbox
       Drum Brakes
       In Brief
       Can you help out?
       Dungog PedalFest 2002
                                          Examining OzHPV?
                                          New Tri-sled Coupling
                                          For Sale
                                          Coming Events


Jul/Aug 2002 - Volume 05, Issue 04 (PDF - colour 325kB, click on image)

       From the Editor
       Roadtest: M5 Shockproof
       A Bonza Tail of a Bike
       Broadford - a new home for the Challenge?
       Incorporation - Good News
       Bowral Track Racing &Rally Weekend May 2002
       Wheelbase and stability
       Disk Brakes Revised
       LoGo Trikes and HPVs
                                          2003 Masters Games
                                          An Australian HPV Speed Record Course?
                                          Flying Furniture Cycles
                                          Coming Events
                                          For Sale


Sep/Oct 2002 - Volume 05, Issue 05 (PDF - colour 279kB, click on image)

       From the Editor
       For Sale
       Why Do We Do It?
       Going fast - 406/451 wheels - bike tyre safety
       Bits and Pieces
       2002 Annual General Meeting
       The 2002 Greenspeed OzHPV Challenge
       How to keep your drive-train quiet
       Coming Events


Nov/Dec 2002 - Volume 05, Issue 06 (PDF - colour 660kB, click on image)

       From the Editor
       Tri-Sled Sorcerer project
       2002 Greenspeed OzHPV Challenge
       HPV event - What about Tasmania
       Notice of OzHPV Annual General Meeting & call for nominations
       Financial Statement
       Presidents Report - OzHPV Annual General Meeting
       Coming Events