OzHPV Membership

You can enjoy the benefits of OzHPV membership for very minimal cost. Apart from the direct benefits your membership will assist OzHPV in promoting sustainable transport and providing more events for you. OzHPV is run by volunteers so your membership fee goes 100% towards providing benefits to members and supporting the aims of the group. Some of the benefits are listed below.

Direct Benefits of membership:

  • Our informative quarterly newsletter, HUFF. Head Up Feet Forward
  • Public Liability Insurance on official OzHPV rides and activities.
    • ...so what are you waiting for, organize an event today to create even more value for yourself and our members!
  • Guilt free access to heaps of useful information provided by many volunteers, through e-mail lists, websites and community.
  • Access to speed events, races and rallys run exclusively for members.

Indirect Benefits:

  • More members means we have more voice to advocate for HPVs and conduct more events for you.
  • Enhance our influence in social issues relating to transport.
  • Support sustainable transport.
  • Support non-polluting transport.
  • Explore and perhaps contribute to new achievements in HPVs.
  • Benefit from group members bringing in news from far and wide.
  • Tap into the wealth of members' knowledge for your next project.
  • Interact with people of like mind.
  • Increase our ability to provide more friendly get-togethers, both competitive and fun.
  • Learn how to choose the right HPV and enjoy exercise that is both fun and comfortable.
  • Enjoy more social rides and gatherings. Join in with your kids-it's a family friendly activity.
  • Discover and explore new and different localities, in friendly company.

Memberships fees fall due on January the 1st each year. Fees will be adjusted if joining in another month.

The OzHPV Constitution is available here.

Current membership fees are as follows:

  • Single AU$25
  • Family AU$35
  • Speedbike/Record Attempt AU$200
    • This is reduced to $100 if signing up each year in January on a regular/ongoing basis
    • Regular, ongoing or contibuting members may transition to a speedbike/record attempt membership at the reduced $100 price at any time.

How to Join or Renew Membership

By electronic funds transfer

Deposit your membership fee to:
BSB: 033260
Account Number: 383803
Account Name: OZ HPV Incorporated

Please put your name in the reference so we can identify your payment, thanks!


Fill out the membership form here


  1. Download the Membership Form.  It can be filled out online and emailed directly.  or...
  2. Print out the Membership Form, and fill it out.
  3. Send your completed membership form to the Membership Secretary: secretary@ozhpv.org.au

Join or renew your membership

Fantastic value!

12 months membership fees for regular members are still only

  • Single AU$25
  • Family AU$35


    Open online form 


    Download pdf form


    Go here for more details about joining OZHPV

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