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Other Publications

Manpower Vol.1 1982

HPV Times Vols.1-4

Laid·Back Magazine 1&2

HUFF Magazines

Jan/Feb 2005 - Volume 08, Issue 01 (PDF - colour 616kB, click on image)

       From the Editor
       How to Ride a Bike Downhill
       Canberra Rally
       The Story of Noddy
       OzHPV AGM Minutes
       Parking Brakes on Trikes
       Puncture Proofing
       Synchro-pull braking mechanism
       Electric Assist Trailer
                                          OzHPV Spectacular in Broadford April 2/3 2005
                                          Melbourne Exhibition
                                          Cooper to Cunnamulla Bike (or Trike) Ride
                                          Bicycle Camping and Touring


Mar/Apr 2005 - Volume 08, Issue 02 (PDF - colour 574kB, click on image)

       From the Editor
       Canberra Mob Track racing
       Tripping south of Adelaide/sorting out gearing and gear
       Modular Bike Developments
       Scorcher Tyres
       2005 Greenspeed OzHPV Challenge Broadford
       How to True a Wobbly Wheel
       Camping Tour
       Cycleops 12 Hour at Eastern Creek
                                          Bicycle Camping and Touring
                                          Odd Bits
                                          Flying Furniture Flight


May/Jun 2005 - Volume 08, Issue 03 (PDF - colour 566kB, click on image)

       From the Editor
       Storing the HPV
       2005 Grenspeed OzHPV Challenge
       HPV World Record Attempt 1984
       Aluminium and Alloy Brazing Rods
       2005 Greenspeed OzHPV Challenge Broadford
       HP Boat
       Human Powered Juice Making
       More Pics from the 2005 Challenge
                                          How to Look After Your HPV Engine


Jul/Aug 2005 - Volume 08, Issue 04 (PDF - colour 900kB, click on image)

       From the Editor
       News Clippings
       Cycleops 12 Hour Cycling Classic
       OzHPV Logo
       Aka: Recumbents vs The World !
       Canberra Rally
       October OzHPV Event
       Electric Assist from Greenspeed
       Race Across America tragedy
                                          Travelling with a trike on Aircraft
                                          Cycling Health and Fitness
                                          Bicycle Traffic Safety
                                          New Websites
                                          Phillip Island 12hr
                                          Tube Mitre
                                          OzHPV CD


Sep/Oct 2005 - Volume 08, Issue 05 (PDF - colour 578kB, click on image)

       From the Editor
       OzHPV Website Usage
       HUFF Back-issues
       OzHPV Logo
       HPV Resource
       Cycling Cadence and Bicycle Gearing
       Human powered Lawn Mowers


Nov/Dec 2005 - Volume 08, Issue 06 (PDF - colour 1.16MB, click on image)

       From the Editor
       What's New
       Ecospeed + Greenspeed = no car need
       Glenn Druery on RAAM 2005
       Canberra OzHPV Rally
       OzHPV Logo result
       OzHPV Broadford Challenge April 2006
       Caption Competition
       Pondering the Future
                                          Recumbent Bike Frame Jigs
                                          2006 Tasmanian 6-Hour HPV Trial
                                          Membership Renewal
                                          Notice of AGM for 2005
                                          Challenge Promo @ Wonthaggi Pedal Prix
                                          The Albury Recumbent River Rally