Welcome to the website of OzHPV.

OzHPV is a collection of people in Australia, mainly recumbent cycle riders, who have a keen interest in human powered vehicles (HPVs). We conduct regular social rides as well as national events/rides and publish a regular newsletter.

OzHPV was established in 1997 as the Australian association for recumbent and human power enthusiasts. OzHPV is the Australian affiliate organisation of WHPVA, the World Human Power Vehicle Association which represents over 15 countries worldwide.

Join or renew membership to OzHPV - It's as low as $25 per year! Membership falls due 1 January each year.  Here's Membership Information. You can join online.

Why do we call our vehicles HPVs? Because:

  • in competitions we allow any form of human powered vehicle, including those that are not recognised by the UCI,
  • bicyclists are often not recumbent,
  • not all tricycles are necessarily recumbents,
  • not all recumbents are bicycles,
  • watercraft certainly aren't recumbent bicycles,
  • aircraft pilots are often recumbent, but they don't use their wheels often,
  • we encourage ingenuity, and the use of human power, without restriction.


2023 OzHPV Challenge Entry - 4th & 5th November 2023

To be held once again at the Wagga Wagga Multisport Cycling Complex Bagley Drive Moorong, NSW 2650

To Enter: Go to the website 2023 Challenge Entry


2022 Challenge Results

Our winners for 2022 are:

Outright Champion: Domes Deli

Masters Champion: Pete Heal

Womens Champion: Jess Smith 



2022 OzHPV Challenge Entry - 3rd & 4th December 2022

To be held at the Wagga Wagga Multisport Cycling Complex Bagley Drive Moorong, NSW 2650

To Enter: Go to the website 2022 Challenge Entry

A total of 12 races are on offer across the two events run simultaneously across both days. Race one, the other, or Both!

Challenge events

- Criterium circuit -1 lap time trial (sat)

- Criterium circuit - 1.5hr road race (sat)

- Criterium circuit - 20min + 1 lap (sat)

- Criterium circuit - 100m drag race (head-to-head elimination) (sat)

- Velodrome - 4000m Individual pursuit (sun)

- Velodrome - flying/fastest lap (sun)

- Slalom - velodrome infield (sun)


2021 Challenge Results

Our winners for 2021 are:

Speed Champion:  Domes Deli (with a near perfect clean sweep of wins!)

Outright Champion: Tim Corbett

Masters Champion: Rob Leviston

Junior Champion: Lowan Corbett 



2021 Challenge Entry is now live!

To Enter: Go to the website https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/2021-ozhpv-challenge-registration-142076573857

2021 OzHPV Challenge Invitation

The OzHPV Challenge has been running for over 20 years and is a series of races to determine the best combination of human powered vehicle and rider. 

The event is subject to Coronavirus restrictions and will be held mostly outdoors. It is strongly advised to bring a facemask, as masks will be required both indoors, and outdoors when people are less than 1.5m apart.

Adult Entry fees are:

$50 for entire event, $40 for Saturday speed events, $20 for Sunday practical events, with reduced prices for juniors.

This is great value racing for Australian HPV's, and one of very few race series where design rules are open, requiring only that vehicles meet basic safety requirements.

Accommodation - Geelong showgrounds have powered sites for $25p/n

Phone and book a site on 03 5221 1707, details are at https://royalgeelongshow.org.au/geelong-showgrounds/  The showgrounds are about 2k from South Geelong station, and 3k from the criterium track with local shops and restaurants.

Schedule, Saturday, 6 March 2020

10:00-10:40 - Time trial, A timed lap of the full criterium circuit - expect about 3-5mins depending on your ability

11:00-11:30 – Criterium, 20mins + 1 lap on the short loop (will be split into two heats if we have enough entries)

12:00-13:30 - Flying 100m, Take a runup and see what maximum speed you can reach on our professionally setup 100m trap

14:00-15:00 - Road race, 1hr using the full Criterium track

16:00-17:00 - 100m drag race, head to head elimination - possibly our most hotly contested event.

Sunday, 7 March 2020

09:00-10:00 - Obstacle Course Navigate off-road and (mostly) on-road chicanes hairpins obstacles

10:00-11:00 - Go-Woah! 50m of max acceleration then braking to a complete stop in the finish box

11:00-12:00 - Cargo/Shopping race Pickup and carry cargo around a commuter course.

12:00-13:00 - Go Slow Race Slowest competitor over the short funnel without touching a foot or stopping wins!

13:00-14:00 - Dual Slalom Riders go head to head through the slalom of cones to see who has the best cornering finesse

See you there!


First annual virtual AGM a success!

OzHPV held its first virtual AGM on the 13th of Feb, with attendance up on previous years.  Most of the existing committee elected to stay on the committee but we have been fortunate to have a new treasure join the executive.  Details have been sent out to financial members.

Notice of OZHPV AGM


The OzHPV Inc. Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 13th February 2021 at 7:00pm AEDT.

This follows the end of the association financial year on 30 September 2020.

The meeting will be by an on-line facility to enable as many members as possible to participate.

The meeting will encompass election of the ongoing committee, presentation of reports and financial statements.

Full details of how to participate will be circulated to members when available.


2021 Memberships are due

The annual fee remains great value at $25 for a single membership and $35 for a family membership.

OZHPV membership runs for 12 months ending 31 December each year. Pro rata payments are accepted to align with the annual cycle if you joined part way through 2020.

More info at the Membership page  here


2020 OzHPV Rally - Myrtleford Victoria 11, 12 & 13 December 

Three days of rides, banter, fun and everything Human Powered.

Information sheet for rally available to view here 


2021 OzHPV Challenge scheduled for Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th March 2021

To be held at Belmont Criterium Track , Geelong Victoria.


15 April 2020 - Old editions of HUFF now available

Old editions of HUFF up to December 2017 are now available for download. Refer to the Magazine page here.


CANCELLED - OzHPV 2020 Speed trials scheduled for Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th April


2020 Membership renewals are due

The Annual membership fee remains $25 for a single, $35 for a family membership.

OzHPV membership runs for 12 months commencing on 1 January and ending on 31 December.

Pro rata payments are ok to align with the 12 monthly cycle.

If you are unsure when your current membership expires please ask the secretary@ozhpv.org.au by email.

Our online membership form can be accessed here: OZHPV Online Membership Form .

If you'd rather fill out the paper form, you can access the pdf from our Membership webpage here: https://www.ozhpv.org.au/membership.html


Outcomes of the 2019 AGM held 14-Dec-19

The new committee was elected.:

All executive posiitons, being President, Secretary and Treasurer were filled. An additional four general committee members were also elected.

The non-committee positions of HUFF Newsletter Editor and Webmaster were also handed over to some familiar faces.

Minutes of the AGM will be circulated shortly


2019 AGM

The 2019 AGM will be held as part of our annual rally, to be held this year at Holbrook on the 14th and 15th of December. 

The AGM will be held at 5pm at the Holbrook Returned Servicemen's Club, 38 Swift Street, Holbrook, NSW 2644.  Members who cannot attend in person may also attend electronically at  https://whereby.com/ozhpv.  Please indicate if you intend to log on electronically before the AGM to president@ozhpv.org.au so secure a virtual seat at the AGM.

Tour rides will depart

Friday 4pm for ~28km,

Saturday 8am from Holbrook Bakery for ~67 or 86km and

Sunday 7am for 54km. 

Ride notes per AGM and Rally agenda here.


2019 OzHPV Challenge

The 2019 Challenge will again be run from the Belmont Criterium track in Geelong.  The event will be held on the 9th and 10th of November, a little later in the year to capitalise on better weather, and also avoid several other state and national events that limited entries last year.  All present at the 2018 event enjoyed the new mix of events, with better dates this year we aim to improve attendance!  

Entries for the 2019 Challenge will be opening in the next week. Entry will again be via Eventbright:  http://eventbrite.com.au/e/71948240123

Entry fees are, as always, amazingly cost effective, and range from $15-$80 depending on how much racing you want to do.  As per last year, new or lapsed members renewing for the Challenge will receive membership through to end of 2020 - 14 months membership for the price of 12!.

The Challenge will be held at the Belmont Criterium Circuit, a challenging yet rewarding circuit in Geelong.  Practice will be available Friday 8th November, with racing Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday events will be speed based and a Speed Champion crowned Saturday evening at our Pizza dinner.  Sunday will feature Most Practical Vehicle Races, with Australia's most practical rider/vehicle combination and Grand Champion awarded Sunday early afternoon on completion of all events.

Friday 8th November

Circuit available for practice.

Saturday 9th November:  

10am          Time Trial
11am          Criterium (20mins + 1 lap)
12:30pm     Flying 100m
2pm            Road Race (1hr + 1 lap)
4pm            100m Drag race (elimination)
5:30pm       Presentation – Speed Champion
6pm       Pizza Dinner at the Russel Mockridge Pavillion

Sunday: 10th November

9am       Obstacle Coarse
10am     Go-Woah (50m – back straight)
11am     Shopping Race
12noon  Popular demand race (Assembly challenge? Off-road race? Best beard? Bike-Khana? Finish Early race? Slow riding contest?)
1pm       Dual Slalom (Elimination)
2pm       Presentations – Most Practical Vehicle and Outright Champion


We have secured camping at the local scout hall for ridiculously reasonable $10/person/night.

- Available from 12pm Friday 8th Nov through Monday 12pm

- BYO sleeping matress, bedding, pillow etc

- fully equipped kitchenette for breakfast, dinner prep, etc

- NB: no showers but there are showers available at the Russel Mockridge pavilion at the track

- Please let Domes Deli know if you are intending to camp there

- Payments to Dom when you arrive. (Cash only)

- 35 Rugby Street, Belmont


2019 Treasurer sworn in.

At our last committee meeting the new OzHPV treasurer was nominated and was supported unanimously.  We welcome back a familiar face to the executive of OzHPV!  This marks the first time in recent years that OzHPV has had a full executive committee. 

As always, we welcome those who seek to contribute and offer service to our community.  It can be as simple as organising a ride for a few of your mates, and then letting us know so anyone else that's interested can join in.  

Have some great ideas?  Get involved, make it happen! And bring everyone else along for the ride.


2018 Annual Rally and AGM 

The OzHPV AGM and Annual Rally were held last weekend (1st and 2nd December 2018) at Rutherglen.  Members enjoyed the various rides on offer put together by Richard Ferris.  Steve Nurse took many great pics over the weekend and has made a post on his blog spot Modular Bikes. During he AGM Steve stood down from the Committee and the position of HUFF editor.  Steve has been a long standing committee member filling various executive and general positions and has worked tirelessly for the last 5+(?) years putting HUFF together, we thank Steve for his extended service to OzHPV.

The new committee consists of a full executive, ie. President, Secretary, Treasurer, as well as four general committee members. The non-committee position of Webmaster was also filled but HUFF editor is currently vacant



2018 Challenge Results

After and exciting weekend of racing, our National Champions for 2018 are:

Junior and Outright Champion - Sam Dutly

Veterens Champion - Graham Signiorini

Unfaired CHampion - Dome Deli

Practical Events Champion - Charles Easton-Berry


For the full report, stay tuned for the next HUFF newsletter!


SGM - Outcome

The SGM was held as planned on Saturday 6th October 2018 at 5:30pm at the Belmont Criterium Track Pavillion.  The motion to update the OzHPV constitution was passed unanimously by all members present.  Our updated constitution can be found here.


SGM - Special General Meeting

OZHPV Inc. will be holding a general meeting on Saturday 6th October 2018 at 5.30pm at the Belmont Criterium Track pavillion, (1 Barwon Heads Rd, Belmont VIC 3216) to propose a special resolution to change the OZHPV Constitution.

For a special resolution to pass, 75% of the members attending the meeting or voting by proxy must vote in favour of the resolution.

A summary of the changes is attached for your reading pleasure. The changes include:

1. allowing members to attend general and committee meetings via electronic media as well as in person;

2. allowing members attending via electronic media to have the same voting rights as those attending in person;

3. to update the financial management section to allow electronic banking; and,

4. changing the proxy voting system so that all proxy votes can be provided to the secretary.

If members are unable to attend they can give a copy of the attached proxy form to someone who will be attending the meeting to vote on their behalf. A member cannot hold more than 5 proxy votes (10% of total members). Please do not email your proxy votes to the president, secretary or treasurer email addresses.

The agenda for the meeting is attached for everyone's benefit here


2018 OzHPV Challenge

Entries for the 2018 Challenge are now open. Entry is being managed via Eventbright, please get your entry in right away! Enter here

Entry fees are as always, amazingly cost effective, and range from $10-$80 depending on how much racing you want to do.  

The Challenge will be held at the Belmont Criterium Circuit, a challenging yet rewarding circuit in Geelong.  Practice will be available Friday 5th October, with Racing Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday events will be speed based and a Speed Champion crowned Saturday eventing, followed by an SGM to vote on the proposed changes to the constitution listed below.  Sunday will feature Most Practical Vehicle Races, with Australia's most practical vehicle and Grand Champion awarded Sunday early afternoon on completion of all events.


10am     Time Trial
11 am    Criterium
12:30     Flying 100m
2pm       Road Race
4pm       100m Drag race 
5pm       Presentation – Speed Champion
5:30       SGM


9am       Obstacle Coarse
10am     Go-Woah (50m – back straight)
11am     Cargo Moving Contest
12noon  Dual Slalom (Elimination)
1pm       Popular demand race (Assembly challenge? Off-road race? Best beard? Bike-Khana? Finish Early race? Slow riding contest?)
2pm       Presentations – Most Practical Vehicle and Outright Champion

2018 AGM and Rally dates - Late November

Richard is currently busy arranging the OzHPV annual rally to be conducted in the Rutherglen area, just south of the Murray river.  The AGM will be conducted in conjunction with the weekend, at this stage nominate for late november/early december.  Dates will be advised when the weekend is locked in.

Changes Proposed to OzHPV constitution

As part of OzHPV's drive to become a truely national organisation, the current committee are proposing changes to the existing constitution to better allow members and committee members to participate and contribute to running the organisation.  At the moment, our existing constitution requires all annual and committee meetings to be held in person, which makes conducting the organisation's business difficult with members spread across the nation!  Our existing constitution is also silent on the use electronic banking and the update aims to remedy this omission. Updates to the constitution will:

- allow committee members to attend committee meetings by electronic means

- allow members to attend general and annual general meetings by electronic means

- formalise the use of electronic banking with dual signatories

- rectify proxy voting in line with current standards

The proposed changes to the constitution are detailed here.

In line with our existing constitution, the secretary will email notice of a general meeting to vote on the updated regulations early in September, proving 28 days notice of a General Meeting to be held in conjunction with the 2018 Challenge to formally vote on the matter.


Technical/Records Sub Committee

In addition to the President and Secretary positions, OzHPV is also seeking members to join the Technical/Records Sub Committeee.  The sub-committee comprises several financial members of OzHPV and is responsible for:

· maintaining and updating the OZHPV Competition Rules

· assessing and ratifying submissions for Australian National Records

· advising the general committee about technical issues, proposed rule changes by WHPVA and other related matters

Please contact the OZHPV Treasurer at treasurer@ozhpv.org.au if you are interested.

President and Secretary Positions:

You may not know, but the positions of President and Secretary are currently vacant. If anyone is considering taking up one of these positions but is hesitant or uncertain about what is involved, you can always first take up a general committee position with a view to nominating for president or secretary at the next AGM. Please contact the OZHPV Treasurer at treasurer@ozhpv.org.au if you are interested.




New Bank Account:

OZHPV has opened a new bank account with Westpac Bank and will soon be closing its account with NAB.  Please update any saved payee details for future EFT payments. The new account details are:


Account name: OZ HPV Incorporated
BSB: 033-260
Account number: 383803


Challenge results

Congratulations to Graham who won the 2017 OzHPV challenge.  Graham demonstrates that consistency across all events is key to performing well overall in the championship event. Well done to all who made the trip and made the weekend and enjoyable event.

The official google doc of results with more detailed outcomes can be found by following the link below.  Participants can print off their award certificate from the google doc.  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1WmiDCgbeYRaZYenn0pshWH0w1WM1OAPL

Pictures from the weekend's events from Steve Nurse's album can be found here:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WmiDCgbeYRaZYenn0pshWH0w1WM1OAPL



OzHPV 2017 Annual General Meeting

The 2017 OzHPV Inc. AGM will be held at 7pm Saturday 9th December 2017 at the Koolamurt Scout Camp, 44 Mandurang Road, Spring Gully, Bendigo.

All committee positions are open for election – President, Secretary, Treasurer and general committee positions.

We also need a new Webmaster and a new HUFF Editor.

The AGM is being held in conjunction with the 2017 OzHPV Challenge – accommodation and dinner Saturday night prior to the meeting are available at the Koolamurt Scout Camp, please use the 2017 Challenge entry form to book. Bookings and payments for catering and accommodation through OzHPV Inc. must be made by the end of Thursday November 30, 2017. Information sheet and entry form is available via this link:https://www.ozhpv.org.au/files/2017_Bendigo_Entry_Information.pdf

The agenda for the meeting is here.


OzHPV Challenge 2017, Bendigo, December 7 - 9.

The OzHPV Challenge is ON! Download the entry form here (PDF 161 kB).

Location and Transport: The Challenge venue is Bendigo, Central Victoria, serviced by train from Melbourne, Swan Hill and Echuca. Bicycles can usually be accommodated on trains but longer HPVs may not be accepted. From the station, the Tom Flood Velodrome is 1km and the Koolamurt Scout Camp is 4km.
Catering and accommodation is available through OzHPV and Koolamurt Scout Camp, 44 Mandurang Road, Spring Gully, Bendigo. The camp has areas for tents and basic facilities including showers, bunk beds in a dormitory and smaller rooms to accommodate families of 4 - 5, however it is on a hilly slope and is not wheelchair friendly. Accommodation is available Friday and Saturday nights, but until Saturday night you will need to cater and clean up for yourself in the scout camp kitchen or eat out (Bendigo is 4k away and Spring Gully pub and restaurants are 1k away). Catering from Saturday night includes two course dinner, supper, full breakfast, packed morning tea and lunch for Sunday, with coffee, tea and fruit available at all times.
• Bookings and Payments for Catering and Accommodation through OzHPV Inc. must be made by the end of Thursday November 30, 2017 to allow Koolamurt Scout Camp to make adequate preparations. Race Entry only till 12 Noon Saturday December 9.
• Please bring a sleeping bag and pillow, the scout camp does not provide bed linen.
• If you are vegetarian or have special dietary requirements or allergies, please list them on the entry form.


Twenty Years of OzHPV Incorporated

OzHPV became an incorporated association on 12 May 1997.
That means this is the twentieth birthday year for OzHPV.
It’s ironic that enthusiasm seems to be at a particularly low point going into what should be a high point of the association’s history.
We struggle to get members to come to the annual rally, volunteer for committee positions and generally to come on organised OzHPV events.
So what big event should OzHPV be organising for 2017 to celebrate reaching 20 years and are you going to support it?


New Australian HPV Records Ratified!

Over the March Easter weekend a number of records were attempted at the Ford Proving Ground at Lara. The following records have been ratified by OzHPV:

Tim Corbett: 326.562 km travelled in 6 hours from a standing start. (Australian men’s 6 hr record)
Tim Corbett: 628.721 km travelled in 12 hours from a standing start. (Australian men’s 12 hr record)
James Goodall: 69.597 km travelled in 1 hour from a standing start. (Australian junior men's 1 hr record)
Kyle Lierich: 77.301 km travelled in 1 hour from a standing start. (Australian men’s 1 hr record).

Congratulations to all those involved!

More information on Australian records can be found here.


HUFF - OzHPV's e-magazine

Members can send their contributions to our newsletter editor Steve Nurse. Steve is not a Facebook user so emails to huff@ozhpv.org.au will get to him.

Steve has also recently found some very early Australian HPV related journals:

Manpower #1 1982 (PDF 1.19 MB): Describes the formation of the Australian HPV Association (4 pages) and includes a fascinating article on streamlining.

HPV Times #1 HPV Times #1 1990 (PDF 587 kB): This is the first edition of HPV News, and has articles about the ACT HPV challenge, practical vehicles and the development of the BLUEBELL HPV.

HPV Times #2 HPV Times #2 1990 (PDF 750 kB): 23 pages that include articles about the Zipper Car-cycle, 1990 World solar challenge and NSW energy challenge.

HPV Times #3 HPV Times #3 1991 (PDF 2.99 MB): A special trike issue (28 pages).

HPV Times #4 HPV Times #4 1992 (PDF 2.75 MB): Articles on utalitarian cycles, letters to the editor and more (32 pages).

Laid Back #1 Laid Back #1 1994 (PDF5.9 MB): Articles on 24 hour records, a tour of the Nullarbor, 1994 Australian HPV championships and more (22 pages).

Laid Back #2 Laid Back #2 1995 (PDF3.8 MB): Articles on the World HPV championships, what's on and "My HPV", and more (28 pages).